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Rural Lands to be SAVED!

Waterloo Region is tightening land-use controls to limit urban sprawl.

Waterloo Region is tightening land-use controls to limit urban sprawl.

The affected lands, to the west, north and south of local cities, are already barred from development by current regulations. The new proposal would add more protection by designating the lands as “protected countryside” in the regional official plan. “There’s a strong will to protect those lands,” Regional Chair Ken Seiling said.

Council says the countryside restriction will help protect groundwater recharge, preserve farmland, protect environmental areas, and restrain urban sprawl. It’s part of a larger plan to direct suburban growth east of Kitchener, and put 40 per cent of future homes into existing neighbourhoods.

Environmentalist David Wellhauser is upset that politicians voted against extending the countryside designation to 1,327 vacant hectares in south-west Kitchener. Farmers and developers own the lands, near Fischer-Hallman and New Dundee roads.

Public open houses launch this week to explain the change to affected landowners.


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Another Subdivision for Hespeler? PLEASE, “SAY IT AIN’T SO!”

   Approximate location of proposed subdivision

Approximate location of proposed subdivision

Representatives of Hunt Club Valley Inc. were back before the general committee with a proposed subdivision plan that would transform the east part of the Hespeler area –between Speedsville Road and Beaverdale Road, south from Briardean Road to the Speed River –into a sprawling 1,982 home subdivision… Joy!

While the concept plan itself is not terrible, the fact that area is expanding is what gets me angered. The Region has a Growth Plan in place, which should be followed and recognized. The plan requires a minimum of 40% of all new residential units must be built within the Built Boundary.” (Warning: pdf format) It will be interesting to see how sewage and water would be implemented in the area considering that the Hespeler and Preston sewage treatment plants are working at near capacity and much of the remaining capacity has already been allotted.

Concept proposal of the subdivision plan

Concept proposal of the subdivision plan.

Last December, council voted to close the file on an earlier application by Hunt Club Valley Inc., because a number of outstanding studies hadn’t been completed. They said they would have those studies completed by January 2009, but the company finally made it to the general committee for Monday September 28’s night meeting. They were trying to push for amendments to the city’s official plan and zoning bylaw.

Almost 20 years ago, Hunt Club Valley Inc. launched the first two phases the Idyllwild Estates off Beaverdale Road, an upscale development with large homes on quarter-acre lots that weren’t connected to the city’s water or sewer services. About 10 years ago ,as the second phase of Idyllwild Estates was being sold out, plans were revised. Hunt Club Valley proposed to change the nature of future development with an urban residential development, which included a broad mix of housing all hooked into municipal services. Those plans were put on hold as various subwatershed and community studies were completed. Now those plans are being modified and reintroduced.

Hunt Club’s planner, Walter Hugo, said his clients are prepared to host a meeting. Hugo said a number of key studies have already been completed. He also stated that if the application is denied, the matter would go to the OMB. A date for the neighbourhood meeting has yet to be set. Meanwhile, a plan is being reviewed by city staff and outside agencies, prior to a recommendation being made to council.


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Suburbian Development Nixed

Wow, what a complete failure on behalf of Hunt Club Developments Inc. How could you not submit 22 key studies and expect 1,900 homes to be built? Thanks for coming out. Chalk this up as one win for the good guys. News article is as follows:

December 5, 2008

Despite the continued objections of the developer, the City of Cambridge is about to nix massive subdivision plans being put forward by Hunt Club Developments Inc.

At Monday’s general committee meeting, council members voted down plans to allow the development of roughly 180 acres of land north of the Speed River to Maple Grove Road and east of Speedsville Road to the Idylwild subdivision.

Hunt Club Estates Inc. officials hope to see as many as 1,900 homes built on the lands, which has drawn considerable fire from the existing residents within the Idylwild Estates subdivision, an upscale development where homes sit on large lots, and from Speed River Trail, a rustic road along the river’s edge. They have argued that the developer’s proposal does not fit in with the rural character of the neighbourhood.

City staff have expressed a number of concerns about the proposal, which would see a wide range of homes, and commercial properties created. Chief among those concerns is how the development would be serviced, given the limited sewage capacity at area sewage treatment plants.

The city and a number of outside agencies are turning thumbs down to the proposal because the developer has failed to provide as many as 22 studies evaluating the impact and implications of the development. Council will make a final decision Monday.


Source: Cambridge Times

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