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London to host Creative City Summit

London is holding the three-day Creative City Summit starting today, an assembly of about 140 people passionate about making their communities more fun and more interesting. Livelier, healthier, smarter.

A creative city is one that “people of all ages and ethnicities feel proud to call home,” said Robin Armistead, London’s manager of culture and an organizer of the conference. “What makes your city liveable — that’s what it’s all about.”

When e-technology allows people to move almost anywhere their ideas will take them, creative cities are about drawing them to a place where they can live.

That translates into bold new buildings and repurposed old ones, lively restaurants, cool businesses, brilliant nature, and an economy built on vision.

More information can be found here.



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CBC – Living City: A Critical Guide

Last Thursday there was a great episode of The Nature of Things on CBC titled – Living City: a critical guide.  Award-winning urban affairs columnist Christopher Hume takes a cross-country journey to explore the sustainability, viability,livability and the current Urban Planning/Design situations in  6 Canadian cities; Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. 

The show is about 40 mins long and I recommend everyone who is even remotely interested in Urban Planning/Design/Public Transit to watch it!

– sorry the video is a little dark.

I think it would be interesting to get Christopher Hume down to London and see what he would have to say about our city!


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