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The Salvation Army of Hope’s Park Squashed

In a recent post I covered the topic of The Salvation Army of Hope possibly getting a park by closing off part of Bathurst and Wellington Streets. Welp, it’s been squashed by City of London. The plan raised concerns with the nearby Boys’ and Girls’ Club of London and a city administrator says its tight timeline — tied to a roadwork project — won’t allow all the neighbourhood questions to be answered. According to Ross Fair, London’s community services manager, “it’s now apparent that the complexities around the project and the management of it will take a lot more thought.”

The proposal would have closed a portion of Bathurst and Wellington streets outside the Centre of Hope, and turned it into an enclosed park for the agency’s clients. But Don Donner, who runs the nearby Boys’ and Girls’ Club, spoke out within days, saying the park would bring loiterers closer to his building. The park proposal was tied to a $1.5 million public works stimulus fund project to replace sewers along Bathurst. Its surface was to have been left in a state that would allow a park.



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Sally Ann Park Doomed Before it Even Starts?

A city proposal to turn a core-area London road into park space for Salvation Army clients has alarmed a nearby non-profit children’s centre already unnerved by neighbouring drug use and squatters.

Boys’ and Girls’ Club of London boss Don Donner says he’s worried turning the road running along the Centre of Hope into an enclosed park — in part to ease loitering at the busy Wellington-Horton intersection — may bring more trouble to their doorstep.

Council’s environment and transportation committee this week gave city staff the go-ahead to further explore closing a portion of Bathurst St. and a Wellington St. offshoot, leasing them to the Salvation Army as an enclosed recreational green space.

Besides easing the troublesome Horton-Wellington loitering, the proposal is designed to give Centre of Hope clients and their friends a safe, supervised place where trouble, such as drug dealers, can’t get to them.

The park proposal is tied to a $1.5 million public works stimulus fund project to replace sewers along Bathurst. Its surface could be left in a state that would allow a park, rather than a roadway.


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Kiwanis Park to be SOLD?

The City of Kitchener is in the midst of determining whether to declare several properties across Kitchener as surplus. The parcel of land in Kiwanis Park – approximately 9.6 hectares (23.7 acres), or roughly a fifth of the park’s total size – is the largest portion of land in their surplus list. City staff maintain the swath of land in question is underutilized and could better serve the public if it was redeveloped. The bulk of the park is in a flood plain, and would not be sold.

Does this not bring up the question of planning for future generations? Removing a park and constructing high-rise developments would be a heinous crime. I’m sure glad that Councillor John Gazzola is opposed to this idea, and he was quoted as saying, “I am opposed to selling any park land […] It makes no sense. You’ve got to look down the road 100 years from now. Once that park land is gone you are never getting it back.”

Jeff Willmer, the interim director of planning, said city workers must now cut the grass and pick up litter in these unused open spaces.

BOO HOO! Is this not why summer students are hired? If cutting grass and picking up litter are Jeff Wilmer’s idea of why the parkland should be sold off, he should be removed from office. He back’s up his statement by stating, “The development of the sites would create jobs and generate tax revenue.” Well duh! – any development of land would create jobs and generate tax revenues, but don’t remove park land!!! The justification is just not there.

I hope Kitchener’s council smartens up and sees that this is not the way to go about creating new development and spurring the economy out of its current slump.

Join the cause to save the park here: SaveKiwanisPark


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New Skate Bowl soon to be Constructed

The new skate bowl is soon to be constructed in Cambridge’s Riverside Skateboard Park, which opened two years ago. Construction is scheduled to begin sometime in June. Council recently approved approved a $228,375 bid, which was $42,970 over budget – surprise, surprise! The additional money will come from reserve funds and fees paid by developers for new-home construction. Taxes will cover the rest apparently…


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