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New Goodlife Fitness Gym- North London

Map of Location - 116 North Centre Rd.

Map of Location - 116 North Centre Rd.

Anyone driving down Fanshawe Park Rd going East or West around Masonville mall has surely noticed a fair sized 2 storey building going up on North Centre Road just north of Fanshawe Park Rd. This is the location of  a new Goodlife Fitness gym, at first glance one can tell that this Goodlife will be different then others in the city- first off because it is one of the few freestanding Goodlife buildings (meaning its not in a Loblaws, Superstore, Stip Plaza, or mall.) From what I could tell during construction I was pleasantly surprised at the orientation of the building and the location of what seems to be the front entrance- the building is oriented and brought right up to the street with no parking lot in the front, rather the parking is located in the back. Since I have been unable to get my hands on any renderings, as of yet, of what the gym will look like I will reserve my judgment for the final product, however so far so good, except for what seems to be a lack of windows on the wall fronting NorthCenter Rd.-


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Driving by going east on Sunningdale

Driving by going east on Sunningdale


Here are a couple more pictures I received for the new community center. One is a GIF i created with images I received from a SketchUp render, it is a drive by of the proposed building on its site. The other image is of the material proposed to be used.

Materials to be used on the exterior of the new community center

Materials to be used on the exterior of the new community center

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North London Community Recreation Centre & Library

After many years of being underserviced in the recreation department, the YMCA, London Public Library and The City of London, have partnered to bring North London a Community center. The building was designed by Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners in Association with Cornerstone Architecture. It will be a two story contemporary style building on a site just East of the Adelaide and Sunningdale intersection.

Plans call for;

  • 8,000 Sqf Library
  • 12,000 Sqf Fitness Center
  • Aquatics Center with six-lane 25metre pool + a leisure pool with adjustable floor and splash features.
  • Double Gymnasium
  • Five  multi-purpose rooms
  • Child mind room
  • Future trail system for pedestrians and cyclists

Not only will this facility be a first in North end of the city, it is also planned to be the first Sustainable (with possible LEED certification)Community Center in London. Some of the sustainable design features are

  • Protection of Open Space
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Green Roof
  • Water Conservation
  • Natural Light
  • Use of Local Materials

A few interesting details to note;

The library will occupy the southern most  portion of the building adjacent to Sunningdale Rd E. , it will feature large spans of glass to allow for passive light. The green roof will be over the library.

The Aquatics Center will occupy the space just north of the library on the east side of the building. This space is also planned to have as much natural light as possible, accomplished by large spans of glass on the East wall (facing the proposed SWM pond)

The Grand Lobby and welcome center seems to be a pretty interesting space that connects the library, the YMCA and the Aquatics Center. It is a two storey space with lots of natural light and windows looking into the Aquatics Center, the YMCA work out gym(on the second floor) and the library. The plans also show table seating as well as comfy lounge type seating in this space. 

The YMCA portion of the building will be separated onto two floors the first floor having double gym and multi-purpose rooms. The second floor is to have one of the most unique features of any gym in London, the “serrated” windows on the second floor of the west side seen in the plan are position so that those working out have a nice view of the Downtown (thanks to the location being in North London, which on this site in particular, is fairly higher in elevation than the downtown). There will also be a track which circles the double gym on the lower floor (see plans for details)

My Point of view – From and Urban Design Perspective

Personally I really like contemporary architecture so this building in my eyes is great, and the added fact that I might be a candidate for LEEDscertification make it all the better!I have to give props to the City for finally jumping on the Sustainable building band wagon-FINALLY!   However I do have to point out a few things that should have been addressed.. In times where city hall is pushing developers to create better a public realm with built form oriented to the street, this building has done a poor job! One thing the parking lot will still be a very dominant feature on the streetscape- on the plan it shows that it will actually be larger in width than the building itself! – 2nd the main entrance is focused on the parking lot! what’s up with that!? I don’t think people would decide not to go to the center if the door would have been 40 more steps from their cars- What about those who walk? bike or take the bus? Sure the design demonstrates what they call and “Active Forecourt” but how active will this space really be? seeing as there’s no focal point and it doesn’t lead anywhere- It would have been really nice to see the front doors right on Sunningdale. Then again creating this “Active Forecourt” or urban plaza is also a first for a city Community Center it could have been worse- there could have been no sidewalk connection with a just grass, a berm or even worse the PARKING LOT!

Now on to the MANY Images! 🙂 🙂 🙂




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