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Kitchener Civic District Update

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  • So I’ve managed to stumble across Kitchener’s Civic District webpage and it can be found here.

    Also a small youtube video to watch if you don’t care to read!

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More Good News for Downtown in the Market District

There has been on going renovations at 125 Dundas for a long while now, earlierin 2008 we found out that a boutique style hotel was going to occupy 3 upper stories of the building. The name of the Hotel is Hotel Metro- a classy name for what seems likely to be an classy upscale 20 room hotel. More recently there has been a buzz around town about a new restaurant spanning the whole first floor from Dundas to Market lane, Braise will serve a modern twist on Europeancuisine. Judging from the renderings hung up in the store front, at 125 Dundas, Braise will be just as classy as its upstairs neighbour. Below are some pictures of the building from the Market lane side and include a concept of what it will eventually look like.

Braise is set to open some time in early spring, and it will surely be a place to check out if your into fine dinning. Support downtown business and downtown will flourish! 🙂


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King Street West Is Getting a Make Over..

For anyone who hasn’t ventured by, what I call, the market district (The blocks around the JLC and the Market) lately, they would be very surprised to find that pretty much every building on the south side of the King street block, bound by Talbot and Ridout, is getting  a makeover! with the exception of  the mansion (which is only about a year old) and the Biz Pro building.  This part of the downtown is really booming, its close to the JLC and the Market both of which attract large crowds. Starting from the west most part of the block, this is where the Renaissance is being built and once its done will bring hundreds of new residents to the area; Next is the Mansion, a fairly new upscale Toronto style club, owned by four local guys who coincidentally are also opening another venture right next door; The newest restaurant addition to the many successful restaurants on King St. is appropriately named Kingwest Sports Bar and Grill here’s some more info from the London Free Press:

West side story full of promise

Hank Daniszewski
Sun Media

January 29, 2009  

A rooftop patio with a great view will be one of the attractions of a sports bar opening this winter. Finishing touches are being applied to the King West Bar and Grill across the street from the John Labatt Centre, next door to Club Mansion. Unlike its glitzy, luxurious neighbour — with which it shares owners — King West will be casual and comfortable. Co-owner Trent Forristal said he expects to draw fans attending London Knights games and concerts at the JLC. The facade of King West features barn beams and rough-hewn blocks with a digital menu board near the front door. The theme continues inside with barnboard, brick and plasma TVs in every conceivable corner and in the washrooms. The restaurant will seat about 200 and feature a casual, upscale menu. In the spring, a rooftop patio will open with a commanding view of the JLC plaza and Covent Garden Market.Forristal said the ownership group is made up of long-term friends who grew up in London, as well as Toronto investors with experience in the hospitality business.
Despite the economic downturn, Forestall said, the west end of downtown shows great potential, with the 28-storey Tricar apartment tower opening this year “We are taking a long-term view. It’s nice to be able to offer people employment,” he said. The restaurant will hire 20 to 30 staff members soon. Forristal said MainStreet London has been a great resource by helping to arrange a facade improvement loan from the city. 

This new place will have a killer rooftop patio, and will definetly become a new hotspot patio destination during this summer season!

Next is the yet to be touched BizPro building; and next to that is where another great London restaurant is getting yet another face lift inside and out, Cello Supper Club (formally The Red Goat). It seems like the floors above Cello have been gutted and the roof taken apart, there have not been any announcements as of yet to what will occupy the space. Even the Henderson Gallery next door (at the corner of King and Talbot) is closed for renovations to the inside and outside of the building.

Here are a few pictures of the new restaurant and the block;

This area is going throgh an exciting transformation quickly becoming London’s Entertainment district, yet another reason why I would love to live downtown.

* JrUD

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