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High Speed Rail Symposium

Earlier this evening I had attended the London High Speed Rail(HSR) Symposium, which was an interesting mini conference with 3 industry experts,each representing their respective rail manufacturing company (Alstom, Siemens and Bombardier) along with a former federal transportation minister, David Collenette. Basically all the experts along with the former minister agree that HSR is a viable alternative to transportation within the Windsor – Quebec Corridor, however the only way we can make it happen is if we get a high power champion to move the cause along and bring it to the forefront. Personally I believe that if there was a HSR system in the Windsor-Quebec corridor and London was a stop it would create great opportunities for our city to grow as well be a major boost to our downtowns’ redevelopment. We could essentially become a Toronto bedroom community- but before we do that we need to raise the standards of design and quality of life by enhancing our public realm. With the transportation technology available to us, these days, people are able to live in cities just because they enjoy the character and life style it offers and commute to work in a city 200km’s away in just under an hour. London really needs to step up to the plate and play ball if we want to continue to grow and flourish, I do believe we are on the right track especially with what is going on in our Downtown.

Here is an article from the London Free Press about the Symposium;

Next economy: High-speed rail plugged in London


A high-speed rail line would change London into a flourishing Toronto bedroom community, an industry expert says.

Chuck Wochele, a vice-president with international rail manufacturer Alstom, told a London symposium tonight such rail lines — which carry passenger trains as fast as 170miles an hour — are successful across Europe and could spur enormous growth in London.

“It changes the dynamics of cities,” said Wochele, who called London a “perfect” stopping point on a high-speed line. “You would get people moving away from Toronto to live here and commute to work every day.

“It would be a breeze commute.”

Wochele was one of several industry veterans who were to discuss the merits of high-speed rail, which proponents say should run from Windsor to Quebec.

The issue has been discussed for decades, but prohibitive construction costs have stood in the way.

The event was run by Paul Langan of High Speed Rail Canada — a group he says gets no funding from industry heavyweights such as Bombardier. He’s speaking in cities nationwide, promoting what he says was “neglected in Canada for 50 years.”

Coun. Judy Bryant and city planner John Fleming pushed for Langan to bring his presentation here.

“We need to work very fast if we’re going to be relevant in the 21st century,” Bryant said.

As if to prove the benefits of high-speed rail, the main speaker, a former federal transportation minister, David Collenette, was late — stuck in traffic on the Hwy. 401.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Paul Langan urged everyone in attendance to sign up to the High Speed Rail Canada advocate group on his website:
He also told everyone it is important to write letters to our MP’s and MPP’s and show them our interest in the subject. It is important that we get a political champion in order for HSR to happen!



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London’s High Speed Transit Symposium

I recently received an email from a professor of mine regarding a symposium about high speed transit.

On May 28th, the City of London is hosting a “symposium” on a high speed rapid transit system for the Southwestern Ontario region. It will be held in the Council Chambers at London City Hall on Dufferin Ave.

This should be a very interesting discussion on a very important topic. Particularly for those of you that have an interest in planning for transportation systems.

If you want to attend, you must register using the link provided:

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