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Gearing Up For Roundabout Battle

Coun. Nicholas Ermeta is ready to fight to keep roundabouts like this one on the Can-Amera Parkway from being built along the length of Franklin Boulevard in just two years. He plans to launch his battle at Tuesday’s council meeting.


What this councilor needs to do is his research regarding signalized roundabouts, and roundabout history in general. It’s time to move forward, not sit in traffic… I’ll even give him a little push. Amazing how Google can sometimes be your best friend. I personally drive roundabouts on a daily basis as I am a delivery driver and wish there were more of them in the region. The amount of time I sit at red lights in this Region is disheartening.

The only part I don’t agree with regarding the installation of these roundabouts is the cost factor. I’m sorry to hear that the Region has put a price tag on human lives, all in the name of saving money.

Traffic signals are much more costly than is commonly realized, even though they represent a sound public investment when justified. A modern signal can cost taxpayers between $80,000 and $100,000 [U.S. $] to install – depending on the complexity of the intersection and the characteristics of the traffic using it. On top of this, there is a perpetual cost which is almost never considered – the cost of the electrical power consumed in operating a signalized intersection 24 hours a day. This now averages about $1,400 per year.

Arizona Department of Transportation

Why not pay a little bit more to save a life? This way we don’t have to repeat the tragedy that happened near St. Mary’s high school, at the intersection of Homer Watson Boulevard and Block Line Road.

Coun. Nicholas Ermeta is mad as hell and is demanding that Waterloo Region listen to the wishes of people in Cambridge.

As council resumes after its summer hiatus, Ermeta will be bringing forward a motion to Cambridge council calling on it to condemn the region’s decision to set aside previously approved plans to gradually install roundabouts at 11 intersections on Franklin Boulevard in favour of completing all of them within two years.

“It’s very important that we fight for what’s right for Cambridge. People aren’t ready for this,” he said. “We’ve got to send a strong message to the region that we don’t want this.”

Since posting his notice of motion in July, Ermeta says he has been deluged with phone calls from people upset about the region’s plans.

“I’ve gotten overwhelming positive feedback from people in Cambridge,” he said. “I’ve even had calls from people in Kitchener and Waterloo supporting me. They aren’t fond of what’s happened with Ira Needles Boulevard.”

Another concern raised is that the volume of traffic on Franklin Boulevard may make it impossible for drivers to safely enter roundabouts from the sidestreets.

Ermeta also vehemently objects to plans to install a roundabout in front of St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School.

“They installed a roundabout near St. Mary’s (High School) in Kitchener and it’s been a disaster,” Ermeta said. “I’m in favour of the status quo at Franklin and Saginaw. If anything, the lights should be extended there to give people more time to cross the street.”

Ideally, Ermeta wants Waterloo Region to go back to its original plan to install the first three roundabouts at the top of Franklin Boulevard and then take a year to evaluate.

The region initially supported that plan until transportation planning staff filed a report recommending all 11 roundabouts be installed over a two-year period to minimize disruption to traffic and cut costs. That recommendation was accepted, but the decision was far from unanimous.

“All three (Cambridge) representatives voted against the change. So did the mayors of North Dumfries, Woolwich and one of the other townships. It’s the K-W councillors that are telling Cambridge what to do.”

Ermeta’s motion calls on “Cambridge City Council to condemn the (May 16) decision made by the Council of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo”.

It further asks council to request that the regional council reconsider and approve a new motion similar to the original recommendation previously passed.”

Source: The Cambridge Times


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GO Transit and Google Team Up

GO Transit and Google are providing a new way for customers to plan their trip. Through the technology of Google Maps, the Google Transit trip planner stores the most recent GO Transit schedule information so that customers can quickly and easily get the information they need.

Customers can start planning their trip by visiting, and entering the “start” and “end” address information into the trip planner application on the GO homepage, or by visiting

Once data is entered, Transit in Google Maps will generate a trip route complete with walking directions, transfers and a map. The trip plan will also offer GO customers multiple route options when applicable, identify the stops, stations and timing. GO on Google Maps can be accessed on mobile devices through the Google Maps for mobile application.


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Google Street View in Cambridge Finally!

Yes, that’s right. Google Street View was launched for Cambridge finally!  On Monday, the Internet giant added Cambridge to its popular “Street View” service, giving people the option of taking a virtual walk anywhere in the city without leaving their computer screen. Kitchener and Waterloo streets were added to the Google’s maps service in October, at the same time as nine other Canadian cities.


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Say “CHEESE!” part deux

Kaufman Lofts and UW School of Pharmacy located in background.

Kaufman Lofts and UW School of Pharmacy located in background.

Welcome to Kaufman Lofts

Welcome to Kaufman Lofts

Think we can catch red light runners?

Think we can catch red light runners?

Google Street View launched in Kitchener and Waterloo on Wednesday.

And true to its word, Google has blurred faces (so your smile won’t be seen) and licence plates on the images of every house and condo and lamp post in greater Toronto, Hamilton and the Kitchener area in the “live” images.

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That’s right folks, if you’ve seen a funny car driving the streets of Waterloo Region, it’s apart of Google Maps Streets View project. The Streets View project will help to eliminate the need to describe what your house looks like to visiting friends and family, it will just be a simple click on a google map soon enough to view this new image.

Google's Camera Contraption

At present, a Google map search will bring up many properties, which may also be viewed as a satellite image. The street view program, however, is more sophisticated, instantly providing a full 360-degree view of a property and the neighbouring properties.

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