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Cambridge Mayor Aiming For Zero Carbon Footprint


Last Monday night, Craig introduced a notice of motion which will put Cambridge on the path to a greener future. “What I want to do is try to reduce the city’s carbon footprint to zero,” he said yesterday. “I hope to do this in three phases.”

Should council approve his plan, the first step would be to strike a task force to determine how energy use can be reduced in city buildings. The second step would have a task force examine how energy can be reduced across the rest of the city. The third step would implement task force recommendations starting in 2012.

Cambridge has been building a reputation for being a “green” community. One of the cornerstones was the creation of the new city hall, the first in Canada to be built to Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. Cambridge is updating all of its arenas with green energy-saving roofs.

The Bishop Street public works building is being overhauled to reduce energy consumption. Solar panels will be added to provide electricity to power the building. Craig said another of the projects the city will be looking at would be the expansion of hybrid vehicles within the city’s fleet. “I think there is a lot more we could be doing, but before we move forward we have to carefully consider the alternatives.”



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Peaksaver Neighbourhood Challenge

Wednesday, October 9th, 2009: (From left to right) Hydro presidents Rene Gatien, Waterloo North Hydro Inc., Art Stokman, Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., John Grotheer, Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. and Jerry Van Ooteghem, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. plant the first tree of the peaksaver Neighbourhood Challenge at Radcliffe Park in Kitchener. 30 more trees are to be planted in Kitchener, 13 in Waterloo and 9 in both Cambridge and Guelph in the coming weeks!

More than 770 area residents enrolled in the peaksaver program during the challenge. As a result, 70 trees will be planted in 25 communities around Waterloo Region and the City of Guelph on behalf of the four local hydro distribution companies, who issued a challenge to local residents to reduce their energy demand this past summer.

The peaksaver Neighbourhood Challenge began on July 15. It encouraged local residents to install a free peaksaver thermostat that cycles down a home’s central air conditioning for short periods during times of peak energy demand. For every 10 installations that occurred within a ward, the peaksaver Neighbourhood Challenge committed to planting a tree.

As well, all residents who enrolled were entered into a draw for a $500 gift card to a local bike shop on behalf of their hydro distribution company.

Residents can still register for the peaksaver program by contacting their local hydro distribution company.

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Getting Down and Dirty

Regional councillors discussed the good, bad and ugly at a meeting Tuesday.

They winced when told that communities up and down the Grand River spilled raw or partly-treated sewage into the watershed 136 times between 2002 and 2006. Regional facilities were responsible for 42 of these polluting events.

To improve sewage treatment, council plans to spend $29 million on a centrifuge to spin wet sludge around and around in Kitchener. This will help dry it out.

Sewage sludge, called cake, is more compact when dry, and easier to store. Fewer trucks will be needed to haul it to fields where it’s spread as fertilizer. It will also be easier to dump in the local landfill, which the region may start doing.

“It’s not a very sexy project, but a very necessary project,” said Coun. Jim Wideman, of Kitchener.

A similar centrifuge dries sludge in the Galt area of Cambridge. There’s one planned in Waterloo as well.

Why not install a biomass boiler instead of trucking this perfectly good biomass to a landfill?

Why not install a biomass boiler instead of trucking this perfectly good biomass to a landfill?


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