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Fanshawe College to Move to London’s Downtown? YES PLEASE!

A downtown Fanshawe College campus could produce greater economic spinoffs than the John Labatt Centre, arguably the highest-profile piece of the city’s core-revitalization efforts. That’s the reaction of Bob Usher, chairperson of Downtown London, to the proposed Fanshawe campus that could become the heart of a potential education and arts district. “I think it’s as important as the JLC, or more so,” Usher, who runs Covent Garden Market, said Tuesday. “This is every day — students and staff and people coming in to participate.” He also added that, “JLC is hit and miss, some days we have it, some days we don’t. You’re not at the whim of ‘what’s the next big rock band (coming in).’ ”

London is working with Fanshawe College on a downtown campus housed in heritage buildings, a plan that’s potentially the final major piece of city hall’s effort to revitalize the core. The proposed plan, which would be rolled out during the next decade with $10 million in city subsidies, is the backbone of a hoped-for education and arts district city officials want to turn into a tourism hub. Because it would cost Fanshawe more to renovate old downtown buildings than to build new structures elsewhere, the city has proposed a subsidy of up to $10 million to help cover those extra costs.

The proposed district, focused on Dundas and Richmond streets, would be bounded by Talbot, Kent, Clarence streets and just of south Dundas St. to Market Lane. “We’re not looking for one big, contiguous block,” said Bernice Hull, the college’s vice-president of administration. “We’re really focusing on the district concept.” Fanshawe, looking for as much as 100,000 sq. ft. for an eventual 1,000 students in a so-called School for Applied and Performance Arts, is interested in underused or empty “heritage-type” buildings to buy and renovate.

Fanshawe now offers its theatre arts program in the former Galleria mall, now CitiPlaza, where its lease lasts another five years, but needs additional space to offer new theatre-related programs. Fanshawe also is eager to partner with professional arts groups, specifically the Grand Theatre and Orchestra London, to create mentoring and other opportunities for its students. The city proposal, heading to council’s board of control Wednesday, would see those Fanshawe spaces also used on nights and weekends for youth-focused arts events, creating a potential tourism magnet.

Personally, I think the district should be bound by Dundas, Wellington, York and Richmond Streets. There are so many derelict and under utilized buildings in this area than for the area they are proposing… Bring some life back to other parts of the downtown!

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Conestoga College receives $21 million Investment

Another story that I’ve been late to talk about was the announcement of Conestoga College’s new campus which will be located directly across Highway 401 from the Doon (Kitchener) campus.


Approximate Location of Conestoga's new campus

Approximate Location of Conestoga's new campus

Dalton McGuinty, Premiere of Ontario, was on hand to announce a provincial investment of $21 million on August 19, 2008, towards developing the new campus which will focus on programs such as such as robotics, automation, telecommunications, information technology, engineering technology, renewable energy and skilled trades.


The site will be about 130 hectares (321 acres) in size and construction will start in spring of 2010 on 54 hectares (133 acres) the college is buying from the City of Cambridge. The city bought the former industrial site five years ago and will sell it to Conestoga for $5 million; about half its market value. Eventually there will be approximately 1 million square feet of facilities on the site which will be needed to serve a growing student population expected to reach 2,000 full-time skilled trades students and 1,000 apprentices, boosting the total Conestoga enrolment beyond 14,000.


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