Progress on Westmout Shopping Center Re-development

January 12, 2009 at 11:30 pm 4 comments

As many of you know, Westmount has been struggling to keep tenants for the past decade. In its latest attempt to re-invent its self Westmount has decided to build 5 freestanding buildings along the perimeter of their property, demolish the corner building to create an urban square, and  build a brand new cineplex movie theater in behind the mall. All this sounds great, until you start looking at the design aspects of the plans.

FACT: they do intend to bring the buildings to almost 0 meters from the lot line which is great and will definitely improve  the streetscape along Wonderland and Viscount which have been huge parking lots ever since the mall was built, BUT   there doesn’t seem to be any entrances fronting the street at least not with the first of 5 buildings – Td Canada trust. I know some people may disagree with not having an entrance off the parking lot.. but really that extra 1 min walk will only do us good 🙂

Then if you look at the placement of the movie theater you notice that how its completely hidden behind the mall, the building seems to be just the typical generic cineplex theater that is being built everywhere in Canada.. its too bad Canadian movie theaters can all have a unique look or at least a hand full of different designs! One interesting thing to point out is that they have set the building really close to the mall but have no access from that side. make me wonder if they have future plans that they have yet to release…

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the new bus terminal(or lack there of) in my eyes a transit terminal should at least have some sort of shelter and seating.. which are both lacking at this new terminal, they basically took what was on the side of the mall and moved it across the street, only it was better where it was as people at least had the wall to sit on…

Here are some pictures of the new TD building, the progress on the Theater as well as a picture of the bus “terminal”; 


Personally I think its great that Westmout is trying to do SOMETHING with their property and are still trying to bring in tenants as well as customers. However I think for them to do really well again they should totally re-invent themselves, I’m thinking tear down the whole mall, leave the Zellers, Sears and A&P as well as the underground parking and take it from there. That’s pretty much what Bayshore Mall  in Glendale (Milwaukee) Wisconsin did they turned it into Bayshore Town Center. While visiting it last October I was amazed at the feeling and sense of community it had. Its a true mixed use center with retail at grade, office and residential above, it also has a town square with a fountain and green space that is linned on two sides with restaurants and cafe’s.

Check out some photos of BayShore TownCenter here

“Town Centers”( a more upscale type of big box development)  are poping up all over the USA and just starting here in Canada just look at smart centers  Foundry District planned for Toronto.

I think it would be an interesting concept for London, especially in Westmout as there is a large number of residential units in close proximity, and the fact that they already have underground parking couldmake this project economically viable- maybe not right at this moment, with the economy crashing, but definitely in a few years.


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  • 1. LondonPlanner  |  January 13, 2009 at 10:35 am

    I think what you are getting at is something like this:

    This ‘outdoor mall’ is located in Sterling Heights, MI, a short two-hour drive from London. I came across it by accident while on a shopping trip to Lakeside Mall, also in Sterling Heights. As you will see on the website, Partridge Creek is essentially a mall without a ‘roof’, so to speak. I had mixed feelings about it, given that it was surrounded by a sea of parking, and all of the stores back onto the parking area. However, once you ‘enter’ the mall, it really has a very neat feel to it.

    I’m not sure how something like this would go over in the Westmount area, but it sure would be neat to see how well it would go over… if at all.

  • 2. Jr.UrbanDesigner  |  January 13, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Actually I have stumbled upon Partrige Creek mall, about a year ago and yes it is pretty nice once you get past the parking lot.. However this is just like a mall without a roof, this is not exactly what i mean, if you take a look at the link I placed in the post to pictures from Bayshore town center, its more like a little town with on street parkingm. wide sidewalks and interesting unique facades

  • 3. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!- Westmount Shopping Centre « Urbanity  |  February 17, 2009 at 11:23 pm


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