London’s Newest Attraction- Test Run – Lit up at Night

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Here is the article posted along with a video of London’s newest Attraction.. The Blackburn Memorial Fountain..


  • “It was hard for contractors testing the new Blackburn Memorial Fountain at the Forks of the Thames yesterday to keep it a secret as water shot 30 metres into the air.It was a treat for drivers and people walking by — many of whom stopped and watched the tests.Landscape architect Ron Koudys says the tests are going well and the fountain meets all expectations.The tests were delayed a bit by flooding last week.

    The fountain could be completed as early as next week.”  AM980

    Fountain at Forks of Thames (VIDEO)…t.aspx?id=3721

When I first heard about this from Ron Koudys himself I was a bit skeptical as I didn’t believe that this could actually something that people would want to visit.. especially when I found out it was to spew Thames River water 100Feet into the air! – However tonite, around 7:00pm, I was driving through downtown on my way home and while going down Dundas toward the river I noticed an illuminated stream of water high in the air, so i had to see it for myself. Seeing as it was the night for a sold out Knights game(I don’t think that it was a coincidence that they were testing the fountain at night on the night that a crowd of 10,000 people were at the JLC, most probably saw it on their way to the game, I’m sure this was a ploy to get some hype) there was definitely no parking to be found on the Downtown side of the river. I drove all the way around and got to see the fountain from every angle; Dundas street+ the Dundas Street Bridge ,the York street bridge, the Wharncliffe street bridge, and I also walked right up to it.  Honestly my first words were “Wow, this thing is pretty neat!” I took some snaps and wanted to share so here they are..


Apparently they will be able to change the colour of the lights for different occasions as well as add music in the future.

Personally, now that I’ve seen it myself, I think that this is a positive addition to Forks of the Thames and Downtown London. It will be a place to take friends and relatives when they come visit, and another attempt to put London on the map. From everything I’ve been hearing the concerts at the JLC get a lot of out of towners who come in, with this attraction beeing in close proximity I’m sure it will be something people will visit!  I bet they will find an innovative way to include the fountain in the fireworks display at the Forks for Canada Day, now that would be something! 

A good place to view the fountain, when it will be fully operational in the spring, would be the On The Fork restaurant or the Community Gallery in Museum London.


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More Downtown Infill, another sign that downtown London is going through a transition Buildings on NW Corner of Horton and Wellington finally SOLD?

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