Affordable Housing In London; Some of London’s best examples of good urban design

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For those who live in London, when I say affordable housing I bet Kipps Lane, Pond Mills, Millbank, Huron and Limberlost all come to mind. Unfortunately those housing projects were all built a decades ago to look like cheap homes with small windows (some with bars), bland colours, having no architectural details what so ever and in return there is no pride of ownership therefor the properties are not looked after. Fast forward to 2009 and you can definitely tell that there is a different look  toaffordable housing projects in London. May I add that the following four Examples are all Infill – I think that London developers should take a good look at these examples and maybe learn that greenfield development isn’t they only answer.

Exampleone: 446 King St. – This new built apartment building is certainly very Urban, its brought up to the lot line and helps continue the street wall, it is however taller then its neighbours but those building have been around for much longer and maybe replaced in the future with something more like this. Its not just a bland box apartment building, it uses a variety of materials as well as includes large windows and even has a cornous element, probably one of the more interesting elements is the car through way to get to the parking in behind the building. I think this building really adds to the urban fabric of downtown and hope that more sites become developed like this!

Example two: 1461 Huron St. this one blew me away.. if I didn’t tell you the address you would probably think these are townhouse condos some where in Londons Northwest… They are actually right beside a church at the Corner of Huron and Sandford in East London, these town homes are also right up to the lot lines and are not rear lotted to Huron, creating a pedestrian friendly streetscape as well as adding eyes on the street and easy access to transit. Not only are they right at the lot line they have larger windows on the main floor , fo-shutters on the second level windows, front porches, expensive looking brick as well as a nice colour scheme.

Example three: Adelaide north of St-James St. (a picture will follow shortly) : this is a mixture of a walk up apartment building and a couple rows of town homes. Again this project showcases a certain quality that has been lacking on affordable housing projects..  (will edit when picture is up)

Example four: Nelson st. West of Adelaide. ( a picture will follow shortly): If you recently drove north on Adelaide and passed over the south branch of the Thames river, I’m certain that you noticed an apartment building quickly rising up on Nelson St. This is yet another Affordable housing project, and again all designed with good urban design principals in mind… The building is yet to be complete but already you can tell that the building is set up close to the street and that the parking in is the rear, also I believe that some of the ground floor units have direct access to the units from the streets ( this also improves the streetscape by adding activity and eyes on the street) I cant wait to see what the building looks like when its done.. I will post pictures when the building is finished

The quality and certain beauty of these projects should give the residence pride in living there and in return they will most like take care of these building. I could almost bet my life savings that if some of you were to drive by these projects when the sings are down and the units are all inhabited, and if you never knew that these were affordable housing ,you would never guess that these are affordable housing projects 🙂


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